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AP Essay Topics

AP Essay TopicsIf you are a high school senior planning to major in AP English, here are five very common AP English essay topics you should prepare for your upcoming AP exam. These topics will help you improve your score so that you will be able to enjoy the same AP English exams that some of your colleagues are enjoying. Remember, these topics must be prepared in detail for you to pass.This is one of the most common topics you will encounter when you are studying for your AP essay topics. Basically, you will have to describe a story, starting from beginning to end. For example, you may start from a fairytale or a fairy tale. Perhaps you will describe how the character grows up and learns more important lessons in life. You may even portray a character that has all kinds of flaws and unique characteristics.Writing is not all about details and facts. It is the craft of words that can truly captivate the reader. You will need to write in a manner that will convey what you want to say. And remember that nothing will help you do this more than sheer words, coupled with your own imagination.Another of the five AP English topic that many students need to prepare for is an app. As a matter of fact, many are involved in this part of the AP exam. An app can be just as intricate as a novel, but it is made more challenging as it is based on common app formats and can be easy to read. You may write a description of your favorite app and show it to a friend who may make a recommendation. In general, if you are reading an app in which you are interested, you might want to use your skills to write a brief app review and then submit it for the exams.Speaking with a professor is also a great way to prepare for a different topic of your own. This is because you are going to find out information about that topic that you are not aware of. In fact, professors may even give you suggestions about the best AP essay topics that you can use.Keep in mind that you need to include apps i n your AP essays if you really want to write an app review. If you do not write the app review yourself, you may never know whether you will be able to enjoy writing it. However, when you prepare for the AP exams, it will give you much more confidence to write the review yourself.And, if you really want to improve your score, you may study for these essay topics over again. Just imagine being able to make a comment about each app as you read through it. After all, one way to improve is to notice the things that you think are best.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

7 Surprising Facts About Homeschooling

If youre new to the idea of homeschooling, you may think its just like traditional school, but without the classroom.  In some  ways, youd be right -  but there are many important differences. And those differences make homeschooling the best choice for many families.   Whether youre a new  homeschooler  or are just curious about how it works, here are seven facts about homeschooling that may surprise you. 1. Homeschoolers Dont Have to Do the Same Work as Kids in School In some states, public school students have the option to  do their work at home online. Because theyre still enrolled in the public school system, those students follow the same curriculum as kids in school. But in general, homeschoolers also have the option to create their own curriculum -  or not use a curriculum at all. Often they choose lots of hands-on activities and ​learning resources other than textbooks. So instead of trying to keep up with what students in their grade are doing, homeschooling students can study Ancient Greece while their peers study the Civil War. They can  explore states of matter with dry ice  or go  in-depth on evolution  while kids their age are memorizing the parts of a flower. The freedom to follow childrens interests is one of the aspects of homeschooling many families like best. 2. Homeschooling Parents Stay up to Date on How Children Learn and Grow To keep their teaching license current, classroom teachers may be required to attend professional development workshops. At these workshops, they study the latest information and strategies about how children learn. But research on education topics like learning styles, brain development, and the links between physical activity and memory can be found in books, magazines and websites available to the public as well. Thats why even homeschooling parents who dont have teaching degrees are familiar with the latest information on how to be a better teacher. Whats more, experienced homeschoolers -  including those with a professional background in education or child development - are very willing to offer support to other homeschoolers, whether online or at  parent meetings. So the knowledge base within the homeschool community is vast and easily accessible. 3. Its Not Unusual for Classroom Teachers to Homeschool Their Own Children Nobody knows how schools really operate better than classroom teachers. So its not surprising that  many licensed, trained, experienced public school educators decide to homeschool their  kids. As they will tell you, homeschooling lets them use their skills and experience without a lot of  red tape. At home, dedicated professional teachers can create the kind of  learning environment every child should have. 4. Were Still Waiting for a Good Study of Homeschooling You may have  read articles that claim homeschoolers do better than average on standardized tests, come from wealthier families, and homeschool mainly because of religious beliefs. None of the conventional wisdom about homeschooling is backed by rigorous scientific research, however. Most of the statistics you read were collected by groups with a vested interest in proving  that either homeschooling is a cure-all for American education or the end of civilization as we know it. The true answer is more complicated and yet to be reliably studied. 5. Lots of Homeschooling Parents Are Also Working Parents Along with the idea that homeschooling families are wealthier than average is the notion that teaching your own children means one parent must be home full time  and not working. This is not true. Homeschoolers come up with many creative ways to balance work and homeschooling. 6. Homeschoolers Dont Need a High School Diploma to Get into College Colleges have come to recognize that homeschool students are as well prepared as traditionally-schooled students for college life. Thats why they often have a special application process for  college-bound homeschoolers  that takes into account their varied backgrounds. Some homeschoolers also get around requirements for standardized tests like the SAT by taking enough community college classes while in high school to apply as transfer students. 7. Homeschoolers Can Get Many of the Same Educator Discounts as Classroom Teachers Classroom teachers know that national chains and local stores that carry school supplies, art materials, books, and teaching aids often offer educator discounts. In many cases, homeschooling parents can get these discounts too. Stores that have offered discounts include Barnes Noble and Staples. Special educator discounts extend to field trips as well. Museums, summer camps, amusement parks and other educational and recreation venues have learned that offering special events and programs for homeschoolers can boost business during slow periods. For instance, Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts, the Colonial-era living museum, has run popular Home School Days for several years. Some national companies also include homeschoolers in competitions and incentive programs aimed at school kids. For example, homeschoolers can earn rewards for reading from the Six Flags chain of amusement parks and Pizza Hut restaurants. Policies change, so its always a good idea to ask. You may also want to be prepared to show proof that you homeschool, such as  a letter from the school district or your  homeschool group membership card.

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Oil And Natural Gas Is An Indispensable Part Of Human Beings

Conventional oil has become an indispensable part of human beings’ life. Agriculture need oil, cooking needs oil, driving needs oil, producing products also needs oil, we need conventional oil for everything. However, since human beings did not fully consider the use of non-renewable, environmental damage of oil and the social costs, people are over-rely on oil and uncontrolled product and consume of oil has caused too many problems, for example, economic problems, environmental populations and military problems. Oil and water resources occupies an extremely important position in the national economy, and is indispensable for human survival and development of social resources. Oil and natural gas is an important energy resource. In modern†¦show more content†¦Mainly in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, Qatar and Syria and other countries, reserves of these countries amounted to 84.93 billion tons. The region s oil production accounts for 30.4% of world production. North American total proven oil reserves of 29.76 billion tons, accounting for 17.2% of total world proven reserves, where reserves of 24.5 billion tons in Canada, second only to Saudi Arabia, ranking second in the world. The former Soviet Union, the CIS countries, with total proven oil reserves of 10.6 billion tons, accounting for 6.11 percent of the world s total proven reserves, its oil production to 490 million tons, accounting for 14.5% of world production. Where Russian oil production has been ranked second in t he world after Saudi Arabia. In addition, the Asia-Pacific region s proven oil reserves of 5.24 billion tons, accounting for 3.1% of total world reserves; Africa is 110 million tons, accounting for 6.6% of total world reserves; South America, 13.4 billion tons of proven oil reserves, the total world proven 7.7% reserves. World oil consumption areas and oil resources there is a serious imbalance in ownership, while oil resources has special strategic significance in national development, and therefore compete for the global oil and gas resources around has been very intense First of all, the overuse of oil will cause many environment problems. For instance, Prestige shipwreck fuel leak accident occurred in Galician coast. This

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Safe Sex (1713 words) Essay Example For Students

Safe Sex (1713 words) Essay Safe SexSafe SexBy Stephen HealyThe act of sex is a shared union between two people through passionate feelings, which is intended for procreation and enjoyment. Safe sex is something that should be practiced if the two people are not married and/or cannot handle the consequences of their actions. The consequences include the creation of a child and sexually transmitted diseases. The only prevention methods of prevention of these two consequences include the wearing of condoms, female contraceptives, celibacy and surgery to make either partner sterile. There has been a lot of publication and media attention given to the subject of teen pregnancy because this rate has been dramatically been increasing over the past twenty years. This is because of experimentation and the increase of provocative dress and more acceptances of higher sexual limits in public. There is also the issue of those who do so as a rebellion against their parents rules but this is a more rare occurrence. Teens are more vulnerable to pregnancy because of a lack of education in school and at home and a lack of thought given toward the consequences of their actions. Teens also account for the largest portion of abortions in this country as well, which causes distress over their rate of sexual activities. Sex is a powerful tool for human beings to possess the ability to act on. It has changed the way businesses are run and operated because of sexual harassment, and also have changed what students can and cant wear to high schools and elementary schools. The increase in sexual activity has also led to a major increase in the number of abortions that are performed. This has led to an increase in court disputes over abortion and riots over abortion. Safe sex is important because the physical dangers can be incredibly damaging and even life threatening. New sexually transmitted diseases come out everyday. Aids herpes, ghoneria, syphilis, crabs and many more affect millions of people everyday. Some a re curable but many arent as of yet. This is a scary thought when someone decides to engage in sexual activities with another. The first thought in many cases nowadays isnt whether or not you are sure about the partner you are with, but rather if you are sure about the act that you about to perform. Everyone knows that alcohol decreases motor skills and it also decreases a persons inhibitions and abilities to say no to things. This major cause for people who are normally the most responsible people in the world engage in unprotected sex. There is a thought at the time that its just one time, what are the chances, and Im sure the other person is tested and is on the pill. Well the statistics say otherwise. In the year 1999 alone over 5.5 million people were infected with the deadly HIV virus. Some of these people didnt get full-blown aids yet, but many did. Teenagers who seem to be more at risk in all this are no exception to this rule. Statistics say that in 1999 from the age of 15 and up, 620,ooo children are infected with the aid virus. Now what are the odds that these children have even been properly introduced to sexual education and the reality of the seriousness of their decisions and actions? Many people do not engage in safe sex because they say that the condom decreases the level of comfort and enjoyment during the act. This may be true, but these people should ask a person with herpes or aids if the choice to not wear a condom is a smart one or not. The comfort will still be there and these people need to put their future ahead of their present happiness. Some diseases can prevent the ability to have children and others can be contagious through sex or even kissing and oral sex. For those who dont know, I will explain what the AIDS virus does to the human body. The virus eats away at your immune system so that it has nothing to fight off bacteria and things like the flu with. The body cannot sustain a fight with other viruses and the person becomes s ick and weaker. Also the disease lowers the bodys red blood cell count which makes bones weaker and also aids in helping with the fighting off of other infections and sicknesses. Many people who die from AIDS die because they cannot fight off other infections or illnesses like the flu or pneumonia. The body is worn away from the infections and the AIDS itself and then the body cannot sustain its fight against other bacteria and the body becomes more vulnerable to other diseases such as cancer. AIDS killed 2.8 million people in 1999. Many people used to think that the aids virus would only kill men because of homosexuality becoming more prevalent at the time of the startup of the epidemic. The statistics though say otherwise because women are infected approximately 50% of the time that men are. Also women who have children after they contract the disease pass on the disease to their children who have to live the rest of their already shortened life paying for the bad decisions that t heir parents made. The fact is that in the U.S alone there are a total of 6,753 children under the age of 5 who are living with the HIV virus. These children did nothing wrong before being brought into the world but because of there parents irresponsible behavior; these children will die earlier than they should. It is true that condom sales have gone up since the AIDS epidemic came out and was more publicized but this doesnt mean that the people who bought the condoms used them. There needs to be more than just the fact that condoms are available. There needs to be more of a push to buy them for people. I conducted a little experiment with a local supermarket near my house. I let my fifteen-year-old sister go up to the counter to try to buy condoms. First of all the person at the counter wouldnt sell them to her initially. Then after a bunch of dirty looks the person sold them to her because of the fuss she had to put up to get them. Now at the age of fifteen, my sister has the abi lity to have children and who knows whether or not she would have gone ahead and had sexual relations without a condom because she tried and got denied for the sale of a box of condoms. Though parents are worried about talking to children about sex because they feel that it will promote the act more, there should be some education early on in the childhood. This is because there are obviously statistical proof that children are engaging in sex at an earlier age than ever. Schools should administer condoms in bathrooms and parents should be able to talk to their children about sex. There is a level of insecurity, embarrassment, and even fear for parents when this topic is brought up because they think that their child would never do that. Well statistics prove that they are and the odds I am willing to be would be increased if I looked could look up the statistics of whether or not parents had talked to these children beforehand. I went to a Catholic high school where it was taboo to mention the word sex let alone have a class that taught the responsible behavior that it should entail. Realistically this is an issue that should be spoken about to children and young adults so that they dont make the mistakes that millions of Americans and other people do everyday. Safe sex is important for both the woman and the man involved to be worried about. The statistics show that women are getting AIDS at a slightly faster rate than men are if you compare the numbers on the scale of number of people contracting it from year to year. For women the contraction of some diseases is more fatal because this will either increase the chances of her not having children at all or will increase the chances of her passing on the disease to the children she will be able to have. Men have a little more luxury in that they do not have to worry or carry the guilt of passing on the disease to children directly but rather only to other partners. This is why I believe that women need to be more cautious about being more responsible for being fully protected during sexual intercourse. I advise that women be on the pill and also make the man use a condom. The combination of the two will increase the chances that much more of not having children and also not contracting any diseases. Safe sex is something that should be taught and preached to children by parents. It is like anything else that parents teach; things have to begin at home. They are like morals, sexual morals for children. The parents must be given the responsibility to start the process off but the schools must be smart enough to realize that they must play a role in this process also. Sexual education classes must be offered, condoms be available and students be comfortable to talk to the teacher that teaches the class about any issues that may be happening in their life. School councilors should also be a big help to the students in their sexual education. Safe sex is something to benefits all people who are involved in it. It helps save lives and prevent the destroying of millions more. IT is an important part of my life because I like many college students had a scare in the past with pregnancy and has never worn a condom since. Thank you. Reference1. HIV and AIDS statistics, www.avert.org/statindx.html; www.yahoo.com2. HIV and AIDS statistics, www.avert.org/worldsstats.html ; www.yahoo.com3. HIV and AIDS statistics, www.avert.org/usastata.html ; www.yahoo.com4. HIV and AIDS statistics, www.avert.org/usastatrage.html ; www.yahoo.com5. Safe sex and safer sex, www.geocites.com/elysianfacsimile/safe.html ; www.yahoo.com. 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How to Create a Blog Content Strategy - What 4 Years of Experience Have Taught Me

Having a written blog content strategy is what separates the good blogs from the truly great ones.You basically  double your chance of success with a written blog strategy. According to Content Marketing Institute, 60% of organizations with a written content strategy are effective, compared to only 32% of those with a purely verbal content strategy being effective.(Chart by Visualizer Lite.)Ive been blogging professionally since 2013, and if its taught me anything, its that a blog content strategy is a necessity if you want to see true results.Not only does a written plan increase your chances of success, it also saves you hours of time you would have wasted on the wrong promotion strategies, writing about the wrong topics, and working with the wrong influencers.Are you ready to save time, drive more traffic, and see more blogging success? Then, keep reading! Here are the five steps to a great blog content strategy:Five Steps to Craft a Blog Content StrategyThis guide will be divid ed into five steps:Define your goals.Perform some target market research.Come up with topic ideas and keywords to target.Create a content calendar.Build amazing content.Quick preface: A good blog content strategy should answer three questions:Why are we making content in the first place?What content do we need?How do we get that content to accomplish our goals?Lets start with why.Step 1: Define your goals.If you dont take anything else away from this article, take away goal-setting. Having a clearly defined goal will set you up to push through all the other steps, all the hours of writing, and all the obstacles bound to show up.Your goal is your why, and the stronger it is the more success youll have.Just take a look at Simon Sineks TED talk about the power of why. Its 20 minutes of pure gold (seriously, go watch it) about why we need to lead from a place of why were doing something, not how were doing it or what were doing. His diagram looks like this:(Source: Pinterest)So, how do you define your why your blog goal?   Answer these questions. Do you want todrive foot traffic to your shop or office?increase sales or generate leads?educate prospects and customers on what you do?update your customers on whats going on with your business?attract prospects from outside of your local area, such as clients from overseas?build a brand?Choose no more than two or three of these objectives for your blog content strategy. Any more and your blog will become unfocused and wont succeed at anything.For example, I have a blog for my freelance work. My primary goal is to generate leads for my services, with secondary goals of educating prospects on what I do and building a brand around my name.Be specific with your goals. Simply saying get more traffic isnt enough. You need to include how much traffic you want and in what timeframe. A better goal would be Increase sales by 15% in three months. Very specific.Once you have your why, its time to figure out what kind of content y ou need. In order to do that, you must go through:Step 2: Perform some target market research.Let me ask you something; Have you ever taken a shower and you just  couldnt quite get the water to the right temperature? It was lukewarm, so you turned it juuuust a hair, then it was scalding hot?While frustrating, it shows you how a very small amount of effort can cause something to go from lukewarm to hot. Youve heard this before its called the extra mile.This step is that small centimeter tweak that will take your blog from mediocre to great.So, how do you do target market research?For starters, ask yourself a few good questions:Where does my audience hang out online? (Certain blogs, social media platforms, forums, Facebook groups, etc.)What is their biggest gripe at work? (Maybe they hate their commute or their boss, or theyre bored, or they arent getting enough traffic to their website.)What sort of content or articles do they most enjoy reading? (Look at your Google analytics for your blog, if you have it. Which posts did the best? You can also use BuzzSumo to see what your competitors most shared articles are.)To give you more clarity, I asked Brad Smith, the content expert behind Codeless, his thoughts on target market research. Heres his advice:Almost every company knows about their customers demographics (i.e. who they are). But, they know next to nothing about their psychographics (i.e. why they buy).Successful blog posts follow the old Problem Agitate Solution (PAS) copywriting principle. They begin by introducing the root problem readers are facing. Then they agitate those problems by digging into the symptoms and pain points. Finally, they present a solution (whether thats an idea, tip, hack, or simply positioning their product/service as the solution).But, you cant do that effectively without understanding (1) what youre readers are trying to achieve, (2) whats preventing them from doing it, and (3) whats going to happen to them if they dont achiev e it.Find the answers to those three questions (using surveys, interviews, etc.) and youll be able to create blog content that does a hell of a lot more than just rack up social shares.Brad SmithThere you have it the secret is to find out the underlying motivations of your target readers, then helping them achieve those goals.Once you have an idea of who youre writing for, next up is:Step 3:  Come up with topic ideas and keywords to target.Lets start with keywords:Keywords are the bread and butter to an effective blog content strategy. Without them, youre going to be hard-pressed to rank well on search engines. Without ranking on search engines, youll have an even harder time getting a lot of consistent traffic.Despite the overload of information from alleged SEO experts, keyword research and SEO (search engine optimization) isnt all that difficult.Let me break it down for you in three simple steps:Find some keywords you want to rank for that have high search volume and low-ish c ompetition.Write mind-blowingly good blog content that includes your main keywords in the title, body, headers, and image alt text (dont overdo it, though. 3-7 times in an article is plenty, depending on the length).Work on getting backlinks to that article with your main keywords as the anchor text (i.e. if your main keyword is marketing strategies, you want the link to your site to be connected with the text marketing strategies). But be careful not to overdo this either. Too many optimized anchors might trigger Google in a wrong way.Of course, there are plenty of other complications like page load speed, time spent on page, and (for Bing, at least) the  number of shares the article received. But, if you master the three things above, youll be on your way to the first page of Google.That said, you dont need to base all your topics on keyword research. I asked Cara Hogan, a content strategist and consultant, her take on coming up with topics. Heres what she said:Keyword research is a great way to come up with new ideas and opportunities for content, but SEO should not drive your entire content strategy. It should factor in, but not fully control, the topics and message of your content. You may find an opportunity for a specific keyword, but you should then combine that information with your knowledge of your target market and personas to write the best possible content.Cara HoganI didnt let her leave it at that. Instead, I pressed for an example. Heres what she told me:I wrote a blog post about the book Crossing the Chasm and applied the lessons of that book to various startups. The SEO for Crossing the Chasm is impossible because its a hugely popular book. So, Amazon and a number of links associated with the author are always going to be first.However, that post was hugely successful and garnered a lot of traffic simply because it gave practical and real-world examples for startup leaders to understand a specific concept within the book. So, when you googl e crossing the chasm the book is always going to be first, but if you google startup crossing the chasm, my post ranks #3.Cara HoganThe takeaway? Always try to target keywords, but dont let them stop you from writing on a great topic.Step 4: Create a blog content calendar.A content calendar keeps you on track and creates a system to ensure your content is always top-notch and published on time. The best calendars also have social sharing and email marketing info baked in to make things organized and easy.To help explain the importance of this step and how it plays into your overall blog content strategy, I asked Cameron Conaway, an investigative journalist and content marketing manager at Klipfolio, his thoughts on creating a content calendar. Heres what he told me:A great content calendar gives you a birds eye view and has your teams editorial process baked into it. For our team at Klipfolio, we found this combination in Airtable.It allows us to make real-time updates, organize all content assets, and have end-to-end visibility into who is working on what, when each piece is due, and which persona and stage of the funnel each piece of content is for.This allows us to go from half-baked idea to pitch to Yo Editor—a column we created where a writer can @ their editor if theyre stuck or ready for an edit on their first draft.Cameron ConawayTo help you understand the whole yo editor thing, heres what their spreadsheet in Airtable looks like:You can also use a free tool like Trello  or Google Calendar to create your blog content calendar, but if youre looking for a fully dedicated calendar with extra features to help you grow your blog, a tool like CoSchedule  may be more helpful.Its your choice, though. For instance, here at ThemeIsle, weve been using Trello quite successfully since the blogs birth. Our main board:Step 5: Build amazing content.Youve got your keywords, youve created a content calendar, you know who youre writing for. Now its time to act ually build your content.I say build, not write, because great content isnt just written its assembled.An amazing piece of content needs to beWell-written (meaning proper spelling and grammar, and doesnt use unnecessarily complex language or terminology.)Researched (meaning uses stats, case studies, and examples to show youve done your homework.)Media rich (meaning plenty of high-quality and highly relevant images.)Formatted for skimming (meaning use plenty of headers, subheaders, bulleted lists, block quotes, bolding, and italics.)Pro tip: You can get free high-quality images from MyStock.Photos  or even make your own images with tools like Canva and others.ConclusionWhile it may be tempting to fire off your blog posts as they come to mind, having a written blog content strategy will save you hours of headaches. Plus, youll see  way more success.It only takes a few hours to put together an awesome blog content strategy. As the old adage goes, if you have four hours to chop dow n a tree, you stand a better chance if you take one of those hours to sharpen your axe. Or something like that.This blog content strategy is the equivalent of sharpening your axe. Youll be far more prepared and probably have more fun if you take the time to put it together.Have any questions about crafting a content strategy for your blog? Feel free to speak up in the comments section below.Free guide5 Essential Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress SiteReduce your loading time by even 50-80% just by following simple tips.

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4 Types of Gerunds and Gerund Phrases

4 Types of Gerunds and Gerund Phrases 4 Types of Gerunds and Gerund Phrases 4 Types of Gerunds and Gerund Phrases By Mark Nichol A gerund is one of three classes of words called verbals words based on verbs and expressing an action or a state of being but serving another grammatical function. (The other two are participles and infinitives.) A gerund, which functions as a noun, can consist of a single word or a phrase. The four types of gerunds and gerund phrases follow: 1. Subject Gardening is my favorite hobby. (Gardening is normally a verb, but here it is the name of an activity.) Gardening in the summertime is a challenge because of the heat. (The gerund is followed by a modifying adverbial phrase, forming a gerund phrase.) 2. Direct Object My neighbors admire my gardening. (The admiration is not for the action of gardening, but for the results of the action.) I am enjoying my gardening this year. (The direct object of the subject is â€Å"my gardening this year.†) 3. Object of Preposition I have received several awards for my gardening. (The awards have been given for the results of the activity.) Some people consider my interest in gardening an obsession. (The gerund phrase is â€Å"gardening an obsession.†) 4. Subject Complement My favorite hobby is gardening. (Again, gardening is described as something done, not the act of doing it. The statement is the inverse of the first sentence in this group; here â€Å"My favorite hobby† is the subject, and gardening is its complement.) I do my gardening in the morning. (The phrase â€Å"gardening in the morning† is the subject complement.) Confusion with Present Participle Phrases If a sentence resembling one of these statements includes a comma, it’s likely to contain a present participle phrase, not a gerund phrase. For example, the sentence â€Å"Gardening in the summertime, I built up a resistance to hot weather† contains a present participle phrase, which includes a participle, a verb functioning as an adjective or an adverb. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Grammar category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:How to Format a UK Business Letter34 Writing Tips That Will Make You a Better WriterHow Do You Pronounce "Mozart"?

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4 questions that need to be answered separately. in one paragraph each Assignment

4 questions that need to be answered separately. in one paragraph each - Assignment Example This argument works through a halo effect, which is a human cognitive bias. Today ad hominem exists as- Abusive, guilt of association, ad feminam, tu quoque and circumstantial just like utilitarianism (Blavatsky 1977 pg.77). One strategy of rebutting evidence is denying the truth in the data. This is the process where testimonies are presented to show or cast doubts in the sufficiency’s of given examples, this makes truth be denied in its own very eyes. Secondly, citing counterexamples and counter testimony also rebuts evidence, here contrary information is provided against the ones already there, and they appear to be true. Thirdly, credibility of authority should be questioned; through the principle of charity, opposing views are summarized to invoke credibility. Lastly, casting doubt on the representativeness and sufficiency of examples; this is applied incase examples are given since they may not be true hence should be interrogated well before accepting them (Blavatsky 1977 pg.197). An example of a categorical evaluation of an argument is A is a good B or A is not a good B. an example of an ethical evaluation of an argument is A is right or A is wrong. These examples explain how judgments will be supported arguments as being bad, good, or important/unimportant (Blavatsky 1977